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5 - Foodborne intoxication by Bacillus cereus: an integrated protocol of analysis
E. Torres - I. Ferrero - A. Veronesi - G.L. Ferro - F. Ostorero - R. Avolio - D.M. Bianchi - C. Boteva - L. Decastelli - M.C. Abete - M. Gili


Over 800 foodborne outbreaks caused by bacterial toxins take place in Europe every year. Some strains of Bacillus cereus are known to produce a temperature stable peptide named cereulide able to cause nausea and vomiting few hours after the ingestion of contaminated food. The toxin is a cyclic polypeptide stables at high temperature and acid pH. The detection of toxigenic strains and the quantification of the toxin in food are concerns that official laboratory must deal with foodborne outbreaks management. In this study, an integrated procedure is described, including a PCR method to detect ces gene encoding the cereulide produced by B. cereus group and a LC-MS/MS method validated according to ISO 18465:2017. These methods are effective as rapid analytical protocols and can be used in official laboratory during the investigations of suspected foodborne outbreaks caused by cereulide.


9 - Leavening in the Pinsa romana: how to choose the process parameters
T. Amoriello - L. Bartoli - F. Mellara - V. Galli - M. Amoriello


As a product of the popular and rural culture of Latium, the pinsa romana has recently been rediscovered becoming an example of innovation in the name of tradition and a strength of national and international cuisine. The dough is very simple, being composed of a blend of soft wheat, rice and soy flours, yeast, oil, salt and water. However, to obtain a high quality product, it is essential to respect the correct processing steps and choose both the right quantities of ingredients and the parameters of the technological process. The present paper aims to provide an overview of the leavening process for the pinsa romana, considering the choice of the type of yeast (sourdough or brewer's yeast), leavening temperatures and times.




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Messe Düsseldorf, in agreement with its partners and committees, has set the dates of next Interpack, which  will take place from 4 to 10 May 2023 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre. Interested companies from the packaging sector and the associated processing industry will be able to register ...

Authenticity is a key part of the storytelling process in food and beverage development with 27% of those who want to know the stories behind their food and drink saying this is because the story makes a product more real and authentic. A new report from Innova Market Insights highlights the differ...

Par-baking contributes to the extension of the physico-chemical and microbiological shelf-life of bread. Moreover, it adds convenience as par-baked (PB) breads can be full-baked on demand, providing fresh bread at any time of the day.  In this study, different storage conditions of unfrozen PB...

Korean Researchers from Konkuk University investigated a new way to improve the quality of vacuum skin packaged beef. This study, published on Meat Science journal, aimed to develop an active packaging (AP) system for beef storage using vacuum skin packaging (VSP) applied with mixed natural preserva...


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