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International Food, a company specialized in the production of plant based drinks for over 30 years, presents different products on the market under its own brands and as private labels. The careful selection of raw materials through a controlled and certified supply chain ensures high standards of ...

Gluten-free diet is the lifelong therapy for patients with coeliac disease. A wide range of gluten-free products (GFP) is available, which mimics the characteristics of their gluten-containing counterparts (GCC). Spanish Researchers compared the macronutrient and dietary fibre composition of GFP an...

Bacteria sometimes get a bad rap. But there are some good ones that deserve credit for making our lives better—and even keeping us healthy, too. On the food-processing front, for example, are species of lactic acid bacteria that give sour pickles their unique, tangy taste—as well as yogurt, some ch...

For more than 30 years Fi Europe & Ni (Natural ingredients) has been the world’s leading food and beverage ingredients sourcing platform. Its unique influence is underlined by the fact that more than 25 per cent of all annual food and beverage manufacturer ingredient procurement budgets are infl...


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