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45 - New horizons for gluten-free bakery products: the case of fortified focaccia, bruschetta, and biscuits from Gramm
A. Conte - M.A. Del Nobile

The purpose of the study, conducted at the Gramm company, was to optimize the production process of three new baked goods (focaccia, bruschetta and biscuits) starting from alternative raw materials. In particular, the possibility of creating new gluten-free products, based on rice flour, enriched with vegetables and bran, in the case of bruschetta and focaccia, and with bran and probiotic microorganisms in the case of biscuits, was studied. The work involved the study of the technological variables useful for creating new foods valid from the nutritional point of view, since they are enriched in bioactive, prebiotic and probiotic compounds, but also sensorially appreciated and therefore suitable to market.




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