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47 - Fundamental studies on the properties and functionalities of wheat proteins
R. Cubadda

The baking and pasta making performance of wheat is primarily related to the protein content and the quality of flour and semolina of soft and durum wheat respectively. Adequate gluten quality and quantity are essential in order to obtain good bakery and pasta products. This work describes the main knowledge of the gluten properties in relation to its functionality. Gluten is a complex system to study. Despite this in recent years a lot of information has been acquired about its properties, protein genetics and functionality However, we know, untill now, relatively little about its structure and the molecular base of the quality differences amongst the varieties of the same species.


61 - Solar-powered dryer pasta with IoT technology
A. Cammerata - R. Mortaro - L. Benedetti - S. Figorilli - P. Menesatti

The employment of modern production technologies allows to revisit in a modern key the basic principles of the ancient drying methods handed down by the pasta tradition. The synergy between technology and tradition can represent an aspect of interest in a productive context that aims for both energy saving and respect for the environment. Therefore, a prototype system exclusively powered by renewable energy was realized. The prototype was also enabled to manage the entire drying process of the pasta in a fully autonomous way without the use of electricity. The purpose of the project was to exploit the solar energy for the management of the drying system was based on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT).




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Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/685 of 20 May 2020 amending Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 as regards maximum levels of perchlorate in certain foods....

Studies by researchers Christopher M. Walker and Gwang Pyo Ko entitled "Effect of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation on Viral Aerosols" has shown how UVC rays can be valuable allies against the spread of viruses like SARS: the high UV susceptibility of Covid-19 aerosols suggests that disinfecting th...

One of the most critical points in the production of long pasta is undoubtedly the drying process: the release agent can significantly influence food safety, production and maintenance. In the first place, it is essential to consider the aspect of food safety: if it is true that the part in direct ...

The current Health Emergency situation, in addition to having determined Health risks and entailed a series of serious economic and social consequences related with the drastic precautionary measures adopted, has brought to light an equally important problem linked to pest control. In many cases, a...


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