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37 - Wheat bread fortification by grape pomace: technological, nutritional, and sensory properties
F. Bianchi - G. Rainero - E. Lomuscio - S. De Leo - C. Rizzi - B. Simonato

The fortified bread was prepared by replacing 0, 5, and 10 g/100 g of white flour with grape pomace powder (GPP), a by-product of the winemaking process. Rheological properties of control and fortified doughs, pH, volume and specific volume, antioxidant activity, and the sensory analysis of the obtained bread were considered. The GPP addition influenced the doughs’ rheological properties by generating more tenacious and less extensible products. Concerning bread, pH values and volume of fortified products decreased as the GPP inclusion level increased in the recipe. Total phenolic compounds and the antioxidant capacity of bread samples, evaluated by FRAP and ABTS assays, increased with GPP addition. Regarding sensory evaluation, GPP fortification had a major impact on the acidity, the global flavour, the astringency, and the wine taste of bread samples without affecting the overall bread acceptability. The current results suggest that GPP could be an attractive ingredient used to obtain fortified bread, as it is a source of fiber and polyphenols with potentially positive effects on human health.


48 - Susceptibility of pasta with lentil flour to Rice Weevil Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and Lesser Grain Borer Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) infestations
A. Cagnola - L. Süss

The results of a test on commercial pasta produced with durum wheat semolina and pasta with lentil flour are reported. S. oryzae and R. dominica are unable to attack the latter because proteins contained in lentils have repellent insecticidal activity.




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  The companies that work with extremely thin and powdery products such as flour and sugar usually have a common problem, that may impact on the health and security of the operators, on the hygiene levels and on the maintenance demand: the presence of spots inside the production line where lea...

  Why employ staff to carry out repetitive and tiring operations, perhaps penalizing the performance of your packaging system? PRO-Tech Italia has solved these problems with the new and more performing version, available on the market, of the tested “TALOS” automatic trays emptying system. S...

  The new Dectyl Metal Detectable belt range against foreign bodies to protect your Brand   In the Food Industry, nothing is more important than Food Safety. Contamination can lead to product recalls and loss of public confidence in your brand. Ammeraal Beltech has been a leader in bel...

  Fristam products continuous innovation has led to further development of its mixing systems, adapting them to the needs of perfect homogeneity even in the production of very high viscosity mixtures. Fristam Powder Mixer PMD, are made by: - Self-priming Double screw pump - Fristam FDS - She...


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