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53 - By-products from broccoli: is it possible to valorize them?
The case-study of fresh ravioli demonstrates how it is possible
L. Angiolillo - S. Spinelli - A. Conte - M.A. Del Nobile


This study was aimed to evaluate the ability of extract from broccoli by-products to preserve fresh filled pasta as ravioli. The extract was obtained by supercritical fluid extraction and then added at three different percentages (10%, 15% and 20% v/w) to the pasta formulation. Microbiological and sensory analysis were carried out during the shelf life test. The polyphenol content before and after in vitro digestion was also monitored. Results underlined that the addition of the extract from by-products helped to record a final shelf life of about 24 days, that was 18 days longer compared to the sample without any addition. Furthermore, ravioli with broccoli extract showed a higher phenolic content compared to those without extract. Therefore, broccoli byproducts could be valorized for recording extracts that are able to prolong fresh pasta shelf life, increasing at the same time the polyphenols content.




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