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43 - Recovery of bioactive compounds from germ and bran of de-oiled durum wheat
D. Naviglio - V. Nebbioso - A. Savastano - A. Perrone - M. Gallo - D. Montesano - M.G. Miani - P. Trucillo


The circular economy is an alternative production and consumption model to that of the linear economy and it is based on the ability to reuse, recover or recycle waste materials from the various production phases, or even prevent them. In particular, the recovery of waste from the agrofood sector, in addition to reducing the environmental impact, offers the possibility of extracting bioactive compounds from the waste itself, such as antioxidants, which can be used in other production sectors. This work reports preliminary extraction tests from waste material (fraction deriving from wheat milling) supplied by the company Casillo Next Gen Food srl for the recovery of antioxidant compounds, comparing three extraction techniques: maceration, ultrasound-assisted maceration and extraction with Naviglio extractor.




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