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26 - Carbon Dioxide solubility in fresh filled pasta packaged with modified atmosphere (MAP)
S. Zardetto - M. Fregonese - G. Marchito - G. Pasini

The packaging of the fresh filled pasta in a MAP limits the growth of microorganisms and allows an extension of its shelf life. The effect on microorganisms is mainly due to CO2 dissolved in the product which ranged was, in our experimental conditions, from 0.202±0.006 to 0.667±0.014 cm3 g-1 atm. From the relationship between the experimental data obtained and the partial pressures of carbon dioxide used, the solubility value was determined and was equal to 0.824±0.035 cm3 g-1 atm. The developed model (R2 =99.5; p<0.01) has shown that the dissolved CO2 depends on its concentration in the headspace, on the ratio G/ P and the initial volume inside the package, highlighting the presence of a curvature in the G/P parameter and an interaction between this parameter and the concentration of CO2 in the headspace. The results obtained must be taken into consideration for a correct packaging configuration suggesting the presence of a critical value in the G/P parameter.




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Messe Düsseldorf, in agreement with its partners and committees, has set the dates of next Interpack, which  will take place from 4 to 10 May 2023 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre. Interested companies from the packaging sector and the associated processing industry will be able to register ...

Authenticity is a key part of the storytelling process in food and beverage development with 27% of those who want to know the stories behind their food and drink saying this is because the story makes a product more real and authentic. A new report from Innova Market Insights highlights the differ...

Par-baking contributes to the extension of the physico-chemical and microbiological shelf-life of bread. Moreover, it adds convenience as par-baked (PB) breads can be full-baked on demand, providing fresh bread at any time of the day.  In this study, different storage conditions of unfrozen PB...

  Continuous, secure, remote monitoring of machine data with B&R B&R enables machine builders to establish a continuous connection to plants and machinery in the field. With LogTunnel, data from machines all around the world can be archived in a central location. Any irregularities in...


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