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TECNICA MOLITORIA Vol. 69 N. 120/A - 2019



46 - Pasta-making properties of the new durum wheat variety “biensur”
G. Visioli - T. Vamerali - C. Dal Cortivo - S. Trevisan - B. Simonato - G. Pasini

Industrial pasta is commonly made from mixtures of semolina from different durum wheat varieties, and there is a very low market presence of mono-varietal pasta from local, short supply chains. In this work, dough rheological properties and pasta quality traits of the new durum wheat cv. Biensur, which has a high HMW/LMWGS ratio, were evaluated with a view to developing short-chain, mono-varietal pasta production in NE Italy. Chemical and sensory analyses on short-cut pasta, viz. tubetti, made with semolina from cv. Biensur at two drying temperatures revealed that it has good technological characteristics and stability, excellent cooking and sensory properties, and is comparable to the high-quality commercial reference cv. Aureo. We conclude that Biensur provides farmers and traders with new market opportunities and offers improvements to the environmental and economic sustainability of the durum wheat chain.




64 - Tecnica Molitoria

Tecnica Molitoria, the Italian milling magazine since 1950

66 - Cereal

The engineering company - Genetic modification for wheat with safe gluten - Replication of rice plants through clonal seeds - Effect of speed and duration of milling on the properties of rice flour

70 - Feed

Liquid and powder handling in feed mill production - Compound feed production estimates for 2018 and outlook for 2019 - Zoonoses in the European Union, zoonotic agents and food-borne outbreaks in 2017

80 - Pasta

Dies and specific machines for pasta factories and snack plants - Leadership consolidated by innovation in respect of the environment - Quality, reliability and flexibility for dry pasta production - The fourth generation in Landucci company: the challenge for the future - Discrimination between durum and common wheat kernels using NIR hyperspectral imaging - Properties of millet pasta - Foods rich in amylose: a new opportunity for fiber intake

96 - Bread

Waxy starch against the fortification of gluten-free bread - Development and optimization of antifungal packaging for sliced pan loaf - Rice flour as an ingredient in gluten-free bread - Bread with high starch content enriched with red potatoes

100 - Machinery

Bogasari Flour Mills chooses Ocrim’s innovation for H, I & J Mills - New Omnia line 1000/400 lands in Sri Lanka - Megadyne: an ever-changing and dynamic company - Revamping of an old facility: La Molisana in Campobasso - Gluten-free grains thanks to Full-Color technology - Industrial vibrators - Heating and cooling processes for all products - Valves and components for pneumatic conveying and metering - Spare parts for milling industries - Rice cake machines

122 - Packaging

Innovation Made In Italy for the milling industry since 1963 - The new I-Flex bagging machine is born, taking Concetti flexibility even further

126 - News

Enzymatic solutions for food and milling industries - SAVE Milano, Conference and Exhibition on Automation - Diary of international events in Italy and worldwide events

131 - Supplier directory

144 - Index of advertisers

Index of companies mentioned in this issue


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