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41 - Improved recovery of ochratoxin A in ELISA analysis of wheat by a revised extraction procedure
A. Cammerata - V. Del Frate - G. Aureli

Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a natural contaminant of fungal origin widely spread in commodities, food products, and feed. Grains and grain-based products result of great concern for the chronic dietary exposure of humans to OTA. The Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is mainly used as a screening method to quickly detect and quantify OTA at the first step of quality control of many kinds of matrices. In this work a commercial ELISA kit was used to assess the recovery rate of ochratoxin A from whole milled wheat artificially contaminated by addition of this mycotoxin. The extraction procedure was modified by increasing of the concentration of the organic solvent. The use of absolute methanol in the first phase of extraction, provided a better recovery from this type of matrix then the use of directly diluted alcohol as well as the original procedure. The adoption of this slight but basic revision of the sample treatment did not entail a greater consumption of solvent and analysis times.


38 - Tecnica Molitoria

Tecnica Molitoria, the Italian milling journal since 1950


48 - Cereals

Grain: world markets and trade - 54th International Grains Council - Donor-DNA-free CRISPRR-Casbased approach in rice - Influence of water activity on the properties of wheat flour - Golden Rice and vitamin A deficiency


54 - Milling

Prevention and strategies to control mycotoxins in wheat and maize chain - Reducing deoxynivalenol content in wheat - Effect of tempering conditions on white sorghum milling, flour, and bread properties - Wheat flour modified mechanically by milling of wheat endosperm - Content of minerals and deoxynivalenol in the air-classified fractions of durum wheat - Nitrogen fertilization and fungicide on wheat


60 - Bread

Bakery ingredients market, global opportunity and industry forecast - Kneading machine and bread characteristics - Prototype gluten-free breads from processed durum wheat - Sourdough with new starter cultures - Kneading speed with unrefined wheat flour dough - Cereal-sourced lactic acid bacteria as starters for the baking industry


68 - Pasta

Traditional and non-conventional pasta-making processes - High-amylose corn in gluten-free pasta - Evaluation of glycemic index of six

samples pasta - Opuntia ficus-indica in functional pasta - Durum wheat pasta enriched with Psyllium seed husk - Pasta shape and gluten during mastication - Spent grain to improve nutritional and antioxidant properties - Use of ohmic heating as an alternative method for cooking pasta


78 - Feedstuff

Fatty acid and terpenoid profile to authenticate mountain milk production - Ancient wheat byproducts for the laying hens - Dietary iodine supplementation on sheep milk and cheese - Organic zinc in the pork diet - Broilers exposed to continuous or intermittent lighting programs - Phenolic compounds from olive vegetation water in broiler


84 - Machinery

Tecalit: almost 40 years of experience in the pasta sector - A new die washing machine - Accessories for milling industry - Case packaging - The importance of being engineer - Construction of industrial brushes - Automatic fishmeal weighing and bagging machine - Complementary systems for pasta production lines - R&D at Ipack-Ima 2022 - Time for a new vision - The new concept of food grade - The return of the compact mill - From the roots towards the future - Cimas: an Italian presence in Ryad - The most natural way for cereal preservation - Tailor-made systems for

flour processing - Experience, passion and a new step forward - The Pastificio Felicetti renews trust in the Cusinato Group - Continuous coating test plant


114 - Packaging

Foodstuffs sustainably packed in plastic - Global bioplastics production will more than triple within the next five years - Bio-packaging based on pure cellulose and cellulose acetate treated


120 - Company profile

Family, Industry 4.0 and sustainability: this is Fava


126 - News

Food analytics make an important contribution to food safety - New partnership - Pasta, bakery & milling back in the spotlight - Cibus Tec doubles up, with a new Forum in October 2022 and the trade fair in 2023 - Diary of international events in Italy and worldwide events


135 - Supplier directory


144 Advertisers index - Companies index


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