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5 - Exhibitions

Simei, other innovations seen in Milan. Part II - One format of star for all bottle shapes - Enhanced neutrality and sensory homogeneity - Cartoning monoblock - Protect and control wine distribution - Robot palletisers - Yeast nutrition during fermentation - The digital transition from vineyard to label - Gravimetric bottling machines for still liquids - Washing-drying monoblocs - Quick and easy wine analyses - Motorised winemaker - New glass bottle rinsers - Concrete wine vats - Jumbo Star technologies - Automated canning system - Industrial cleaning machinery - Gravity filler


24 - The company

Custom-built products (S. Musso)


28 - Machines & equipment

Food automation market worth 12.26 billion USD - New labelling machine for Cantine Torrevento - Washing, rinsing, filling, capping monobloc - Four times more performance - Second-hand: the future of automated bottling lines - Smart enology: artificial intelligence to wineries - Hygienically designed slewing ring bearing


40 - Containers & closures

Geometric deformation control on glass bottles - The QORK stopper: invincible in terms of technique and sustainability - Sterilization of PET bottles


44 - Products

Tassoni: a new era begins - Zero range in cans launched


46 - Applied research

Impact different yeasts to improve sparkling wines production - The inhibition of wine microorganisms by silver nanoparticles - Red wines characteristics from grapes pre-treated with pulsed light - Quality changes in cold-stored high-pressure treated juices - Assessment of chitosan antimicrobial effect on wine microbes


52 - Marketing

Wine sector Italy: turnover analysis 2022 - Grappa: consumption is growing among millennials and in southern Italy - Overview of the German wine sector 2022-2023


66 - News

Expansion work begins - Remembering and looking to the future - Summa sold out - Omnia Technologies achieves a new strategic milestone - Financing to support three recent acquisitions - Merano WineFestival: classic format and novelties - Agenda


76 - Books


79 - Beer & malt

Brewing Technology: State-of-the-Art (S. Flad, C. Pircher, W. Unterthurner, R. Schmidt) - Beer & Craft Beer, where does the international world of beer stand? - Kenning and canning systems - New beer machine - Unique automatic handle applicator - AB InBev, 2022 financial results - New course, same direction - The fight against food waste meets the love of sport - Lager with a full and authentic taste - “Italian out of home” convinces foreign market - The preparations for BrauBeviale are in full swing - Aroma profile of a glutenfree barley malt beer - Effects of the mashing process on polyphenols and antiradical activity of beer - Impacts of adjunct incorporation on flavor stability of beer


104 - Advertisers’ list & companies’ address

  Commission Regulation (EU) 2023/1042 of 26 May 2023 amending Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards maximum residue levels for folpet in or on certain products...

The number of people experiencing acute food insecurity and requiring urgent food, nutrition and livelihood assistance increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2022, with over a quarter of a billion facing acute hunger and people in seven countries on the brink of starvation, according to the la...

  Green asparagus is widely consumed fresh due to its high nutritional value and a low calorie content. However, its short shelflife due to a high water content causes high postharvest losses.  In a study published in Food Processing: Techniques and Technology, Vietnamese Researchers aim...

  New electro-pneumatic valves for filling carbonated products advantages   Filling is the most important phase in the bottling process, as quality, hygiene and preservation of the product features depend on this operation. ENOBERG SRL has constantly been investing in the research and ...


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