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5 - The company

Research and development to ensure better quality, reliability, and productivity (S. Musso)


10 - Machines & equipment

The eco & sustainable CIP unit – A “cutting edge” solution for the labelling market – Complete lines for the automation of secondary packaging – Equipment and size changeover - Quality, flexibility, and innovation - Reducing fresh fruit juice sugar naturally - Upgrade to give new life to bottling and packaging machines - 3D printing service: worldwide quick delivery


24 - Analysis & control

Brettanomyces: analytical control in the wine industry - Fill level control system - Optimised turbidity sensor - Every liquid has a fingerprint and it can be measured in real time


28 - Containers & closures

Advanced technologies and custommade products - Beverage carton industry releases ten-year roadmap - Vinventions: at 2019 levels despite a difficult context - Plastic-free packaging - Kiss of Wine: wine cans with subscription service


36 - Products

Grappa aged in Marsala and Whiskey casks - “Prosecco Gin” - Super-tannin for the natural protection of wine - Perfect for creating fascinating cocktails - Premium Italian choice among non-alcoholic beers - Distilleria Nardini renews the look of the family’s icons


42 - Room hygiene

Don’t underestimate the choice of the right flooring


44 - Applied research

Ultra-high temperature (UHT) stability of chocolate flavored high protein beverages - Wine aroma from Sauvignon blanc grape marc extract - Impact of 5-years bottle aging under controlled oxygen exposure on sulfur dioxide and phenolic composition - Differences between chips or barrel aged wines - Management of high-quality dehydrated grape in vinification to produce dry red wines - Effect of bentonite fining on proteins and phenolic composition of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc wines


52 - Marketing

Citrus: world markets and trade - Wine, exports at 6.29 billion in the year of Covid-19


60 - Laws

Regulation on traceability and compliance of organic products - EU food law handbook


62 - News

Over 5,500 participants from 70 countries for the digital edition - After 25 years towards the new legal form of Consorzio di Tutela della Grappa - Luxardo celebrates 200 years - Rigid Packaging Technologies B.U. established - Grappa GI protected in China - Mondodelvino Group closes 2020 with +8.5% growth


70 - Agenda

Cibus returns in September - 54th Vinitaly postponed to 2022 - Paris hosts the exhibition of the future of the food industry - European plastics industry events in Essen postponed - Good forecasts for Anuga 2021 - Drinktec postponed until September 2022 - Agenda


76 - Books


80 - Advertisers’ list & companies’ address

Pulsed light is an emerging non-thermal technology viable for foodstuff sanitation. The sanitation is produced through the use of high energy pulses during ultra-short periods of time (ns to µs) that induces irreversible damages at the DNA level with the formation of pyrimidine dimers, but also prod...

  2.8 billion closures sold in 2020, thanks in particular to Italy, France, Germany and Argentina, as well as a solid performance in the United States. Vinventions, leader in wine closure solutions, showed stable sales results with an actual turnover in line with 2019, but with a growing EBITD...

P.E. Labellers’ latest development is called Simpl-Cut, and it is revolutionizing the Roll-fed labeling market. The patented Simpl-Cut technology optimizes the labeling process, virtually eliminating maintenance-related downtime and reducing cost thanks to the simplicity of the cutting system that u...

  Use any Linux code in an automation system The enhanced crossover Operating System (exOS) makes it possible to use any Linux code within B&R systems. This gives machine builders unprecedented freedom in the design of their automation solutions. Code written in high-level languages like ...


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