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3 - Extraction process and characterization of the polyphenolic compounds extracted from vine leaves from Aglianico
M. Pizzichini - A. Agnelli - G. Pagano - C. Mucciolo
After the harvest the vine leaves are usually left to drop to the ground instead they could be processed to extract valuable active and healthy polyphenol based ingredients. Conditions are described for extraction of the polyphenols in the water and the process of purification and concentration of bioactive molecules with membrane filtration techniques, respectively ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. From the extraction process concentrations of total polyphenols are obtained in the final concentrate of osmosis to the sum of 10,286 mg / L, while the anthocyanins have a value of about 800 mg/L. The analytical data shows the presence of active ingredients in interesting concentrations, while the water extraction process safeguards the final product from the contamination of organic solvents. The water obtained from the permeate of OI is reused for the new extraction of the leaves, so the process does not use chemical reagents and does not consume solvent-water, therefore it is absolutely sustainable.




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