Italian Food & Beverage Technology




5 - Nutrition
Beans and peas increase fullneass more than meat - Study compares nutrients in fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables - Sugar and sweeteners: how do they affect our appetite? - A handful of nuts a day cuts the risk of a wide range of diseases - Mediterranean diet may have lasting effects on brain health

12 - Food processing
Cryo-milling according to Nuova Guseo - Innovative processing aid for milk curdling - New stepper motor pinch valve - New stainless steel round cylinders - Enzymatic solutions for doughs - High technology freezing by PIGO

20 - Bakery and confectionery
ertical roaster for cocoa beans - For the best artisan pizza - Special lobe pumps for chocolate - Tempering machines - Complete lines for the bakery and confectionery industry - Coupling machine for cookies - Zero stress dough production - Steel belts and processing systems for bakery and confectionery - Complete drying solutions for the confectionery industries

30 - Fillers and cappers
Filling technology, the rise of aseptic - A new way for bottling machines - Bottle washer - Can filling machine - Filling of stainless steel kegs – Returnable bottle washing

40 - Packaging trends
The world of plastic films - The packaging market for poultry products - Aluminium foil deliveries to new record level in 2016 - The market impact of compatibles on the coffee capsules industry

48 - Packaging equipment
Integrated solutions for packaging - Separator for coffeerecovery - The entire SACMI Hero range at drinktec 2017 - High performance in aseptic packaging - Increase in yoghurt consumption in Saudi Arabia - Net bagging machine

56 - Containers and closures
Light and innovative closures

60 - Product trends
Dairy products, a forthcoming phenomenon - Trends and forecast on bakery products market - Kefir formats flourish in fermented dairy drinks

66 - Consumer trends
New survey reveals behaviors and preferences of Millennials who snack regularly - Taste and health affect consumer choices for milk and non-dairy beverages

70 - Research
Omega-3 fatty acids stimulate brown adipose tissue metabolism – Fast analysis of acrylamide in french fries - How sweet it is: artificial sweeteners in blood - Coffee by-product may be used as a potential ingredient in bakery products - Meatballs and falafel from mealworms and crickets

76 - News
New features of the Ipack-Ima 2018 show - Swop, the Processing and Packaging Industry in China - International events in Italy

80 - Advertiser & company index

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