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Impact of wheat fiber on frozen dough shelf life and bread quality - Changes in properties of wheat bran after extrusion and bread making - Wild blueberry polyphenols may offer oral health benefits - Cocoa flavanols blood lower pressure and increase blood vessel function - Utilization of pasta boiling water as a new food ingredient - Wine grape flour reduces cholesterol in lab animal study - Optimization of lactic ferment with quinoa flour for enhancing packed bread - Change of wheat starch properties by multiple freezing/thawing cycles - Engineering higher phenylpropanoid levels in tomato - New technique to boost beta-carotene in tubers - Gut microbiota regulates antioxidant metabolism - Metabolomics may help to define chemical and microbiological contaminants in food products - Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning - New hope for extending fresh-cut vegetable storage - Protein from date seeds could be used in food




Thermal processing solutions - Thermal oil fryer - Extracts production


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Fruit slicers - Artichokes peeling - Laminar flow washer for vegetables


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Pizza lines - Dropping machine for chocolate - Chocolate dosing unit - Multifunctional robotic operator - Filter solutions for cocoa industry


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Multipurpose tanks - Wine filtration - Spiral technology tanks


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Automatic packaging solutions - Overturning systems with screw and top - Coffee packaging


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Focus on sustainable packaging - Packaging you can eat - Newly identified bacteria break down PET bottles


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US leads surge in GMO-free labelling - Health labels influence flavour perception - Ten things to watch in fast moving consumer goods for 2016 - The Great Fragmentation on health drives growth for small and niche brands - Back to basics approach creates new paleo diet opportunity


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Global demand for flavour enhancer monosodium L-glutamate grows - An overview on the nutraceuticals market - Canned food industry forecasts in China - Yogurts and dairy beverages lead protein NPD boom - Opportunities in the world processed poultry meat market - Renewed focus on convenience and indulgence boosts drinking yogurt market - Bakery products, Meeting ever- changing needs of diverse cultures worldwide - Functional waters to double by 2020


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Added value is shaping the plastic closures market in Europe - US demand for wine packaging to reach $3 billion in 2019 - Global aluminium foil demand to add 1 million tons over next 5 years - Greater awareness takes alufoil container recycling to new high


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Guar gum could hel satiety - Almonds could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease - Gluten free leads “free from” surge into the mainstream - Consumption of spicy food can mortality rate - The stimulating effects of chocolate on human brains - Milk proteins may protect against cardiovascular disease - Nut consumption associated with reduced risk of some types of cancer - Gluten-free may not be the healthiest food choice for those without coeliac disease - Low immunogenic pasta production - Eating more fruits and non-starchy vegetables is associated with less weight gain- Pasta fortified with parsley - Emulsion oil droplet size and its link with satiety - Scientists develop rice with high folate stability - Amyloid fibrils: the next big thing for food ingredients, or a potentially toxic threat? - What to do to prevent food allergies in infants - Glycaemic index and perceived satiety following ingestion of sourdough breads enriched with soluble fibres - Vitamin D may improve exercise performance and lower risk of heart disease - Soybean foods may protect menopausal women against osteoporosis - Supplements of ashwangandha root extract may improve muscle strength, size, and recovery - Activating beige fat in humans could combat obesity- Soy isoflavones could help sleep status - Insects are a sustainable source of omega-3 - Fiber-rich diet may reduce lung disease


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Color affects ethical judgments of brands - Scientists complete bread wheat genome sequence- Pesticides: breakthrough on cumulative risk assessment - FAO Food Price Index starts 2016 dropping to nearly 7-year low - New features for the 33rd edition of Macfrut - 18th Cibus, the count-down has just begun


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