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35 - Qualitative and nutraceutical characterization of selected durum wheats based on yield potential and year of release
V. Menga - V. Giovanniello - D.P. Prencipe - V. De Simone - S. Paone - L. Morcone - A. Bruno - R. Rubino - D.B.M. Ficco



Five durum wheat varieties, four Italian and one USA elite variety, were studied in order to evaluate the relationship between phenolic compounds and quality with yield-related traits. Phenolics are mostly located in external layers of grains and thanks to their important antioxidant potential have recently gained increased interest. Durum wheat is also characterized by having a good level of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. Among the varieties considered, the ancient Cappelli cultivar, with low productivity, proved to be the variety with the best nutritional and nutraceutical levels, due to the greater levels of antioxidant compounds. Moreover, it is an important source of soluble fibre with a role in controlling post-prandial glycemia. The modern cultivar Marco Aurelio was found to have the best technological performance, also retaining an interesting level of phenolic compounds. The correlations between the antioxidant compounds and some yield-related traits could be a good way to direct the choice of durum wheat varieties not only towards the productivity but also the phytochemical compounds.




46 - Cereals

Updates on the global cereals and oilseeds market - Targeted mutagenesis improves grain quality and heat resilience in rice - Genomic surveillance identifies emerging wheat disease fungus - Resistance genes to wheat diseases cloned - Chemicals from maize roots influence wheat yield - Enhanced sorghum for reduce malnutrition


54 - Milling

Effects of particle size on quality characteristics of whole wheat flour - Milling and differential sieving to diversify flour functionality - Ball milling alters the extractability and colloidal state of oat proteins - Phage biocontrol reduces contamination of wheat - Bran starch in different particle size wheat bran - Bulk and flow characteristics of pulse flours


60 - Feedstuff

Nutritional evaluation of soybean meals varying in particle size - Linseed cake

supplementation on cows’ milk - Effects of bacteria-fermented herbal combinations on growth in the pigs - Optimal concentration of metabolizable energy for growth performance of broiler - Olive cake in beef diet - Phenolic profile in milk obtained by ewes fed grape pomace


66 - Pasta

Changes in physico-chemical properties of durum wheat - Assessment of the suitability of millet - Degradation of starch in pasta extruded at low temperatures - Ultrasound-assisted dough processing - Influence of conservation agriculture on pasta quality - Iodo-disinfection by product formation when cooking with iodized table salt - Physical quality of glutenfree pasta made with amaranth


74 - Bread

Impact of starter culture on biochemical properties of sourdough bread - Effects of freeze-thaw cycles on the rheological properties - A novel kneading method for improving the quality of bread - Investigation of the effect of oil added to frozen wheat dough - Effects of a plant-based additive on the properties of flour and dough during fermentation


80 - Company profile

Cimas: the family company that has invested in innovation for over a hundred years


84 - Machinery

The most natural way for cereal preservation - Debranning in small and medium sized milling plants - Brushes for milling - Your global solution partner for pasta lines -

Temperature detection and monitoring system for electrical equipment - Specialized technical assistance service for pasta production - Rotary dryer cooler - The power of simplicity - New technologies for pasta production - New logistics hub - New generation modular cooler - Development of outstanding micro powder dosing systems - Lots of opportunities in sight - ILPRA Group: the single destination for total packaging solutions - Dosing solutions - Decarbonizing process heat in the food and beverages industry


106 - News

Key output, consumption and trade trends in agriculture - How alternative proteins are making nutrition sustainable - Focus on the global bioplastic packaging market


112 - Agenda

The countdown for Cibus Tec - Sigep 2024, an announced sold out - Everything is ready for Fieragricola 2024 - Diary of international events in Italy and worldwide events


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