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Quality and safety of Italian white maize varieties

Lanzanova C. - Alfieri M. - Locatelli S. - Mascheroni S. - Facchinetti F. - Valoti P. - Balconi C. - Redaelli R.

In order to recover the biodiversity of traditionally cultivated maize in Northern Italy, during 2014 eighteen white maize varieties (VA) from CREA Bergamo genebank, characterized by a wide range of morphological and technological grain traits, were cultivated in Bergamo and Lovero (SO). At harvest chemical and safety analyses on open-pollinated ears were carried out. Agronomic parameters and yield resulted different in the two trials, revealing a variable adaptation of the varieties to the environment. Chemical composition of the grain showed that samples from Bergamo accumulated more protein and lipid, whereas the varieties from Lovero showed a higher content of starch and TAC. Some varieties (VA86, VA117, VA1239) were distinguished in both environments for their protein and lipid content; on the other hand, the yield of VA530 and VA535 in Lovero was close to the production of the two hybrid testers. Considerable variability was observed in fumonisin and aflatoxin B1 contamination. Moreover, interesting data related to the antioxidant capacity of white varieties, very similar to the yellow kernel hybrid testers, pointed out the opportunity of using these genotypes as starting material for breeding programs aimed at the development of white maize hybrids for the food chain.

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Durum wheat debranning using innovative diamond wheels.Technical and economic advantages

Montanari R. - Marchini D. - Bigna E.

Debranning has the aim to remove the outer layers of the pericarp from wheat kernel. Increasing number of industrial and research studies reports the advantages of debranning Durum wheat prior to milling. Ocrim - a worldwide leading plant producer for the milling sector, with particular reference to wheat milling - already produces debranning systems, based on the use of traditional silicon carbide wheels. However the mineral nature of these traditional wheels, can lead to the formation of cracks and crevices after a certain number of production cycles. For this reason, Ocrim proposed an innovative grinding wheel, with a metallic support structure and a thin surface deposition of synthetic diamonds. To evaluate such innovative grinding wheel, a study was carried out as part of a collaboration between the company Ocrim, the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Parma and the spin-off company of the University of Parma FMB-Eng.In.E.

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The Italian milling magazine Tecnica Molitoria, since 1950

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Grains for feeding the world: the Icc/Aistec Conference at the World Expo Milan 2015 (M. Carcea, F. Melini)



High dimension and capacity machinery for storage handling - Cereals: automatic sample extraction and online humidity measurement - Measurement of thermal profile during grain storage - Stocking, drying, cleaning and handling plants, as well as turnkey solutions

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Machines and complete systems for cereal storage and feed mills - New system to add heat sensitive additives after feed pelleting

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Dies and inserts, pasta cutting and stamping machines - Fava’s new long pasta line featuring revolutionary technology and mechanics - Storci and Pasta Cuniola worked together to get a D.O.C. pasta

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Enzyme solutions to improve flour characteristics

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Sorters with real, full-colour cameras, InGaAs and NIR for challenging separations - Optical colour sorting machines with infra-red cameras

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Grinding unit for the recovery of dry scraps - Turnkey and customized plants for pasta and bakery products - Modern stone mills for the production of true wholemeal flour - Machines for milling, feed, and food industries - Grain processing machines - Machines and plants for the food and feed industries - Plansichter upgrading with tailor-made new frames

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Multiclosure bagging machine with high versatility - Automatic packaging machines - Powdery products packaging in ready-made paper bags

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Magnetic drum separator for in-line flowing products - Spare parts for flour and feed mills, accessories and maintenance products - Aerators, air jet, and vibrators as flow aid solutions- Industrial brushes for mills, feed mills, and pasta industries - Food-grade ancillary equipment certified EC1935/2004

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A new Strahl dryer delivered in France

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Ipack-Ima joins “The Innovation Alliance” grouping 5 top-level Italian industry events - A.B. Tech Expo and Sigep 2017 for the cereal-based food products - The 56th European Commodities Exchange will take place in Turin - Diary of international events in Italy and worldwide events

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FAO free e-learning courses on food and agriculture at your fingertips

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  Inizia il conto alla rovescia per POWTECH 2023, che aprirà le porte a Norimberga dal 26 al 28 settembre, riunendo come di consueto ingegneri, responsabili acquisti e della produzione nonché decision-maker di diversi settori interessati a scoprire tutte le novità nell’ambito dei processi mecc...

  Secondo il nuovo studio Beverage Packaging Consumer Insights di Freedonia Group, circa la metà dei consumatori concorda sul fatto che l'imballaggio è un fattore importante nelle scelte di spesa. A seconda dei consumatori, alcune caratteristiche possono essere più importanti di altre; tuttavi...

  Dal 24 al 27 ottobre 2023 sono attesi oltre 40.000 visitatori provenienti da 120 Paesi del mondo   A pochi mesi dall’apertura di Cibus Tec 2023, l’area espositiva disponibile è già quasi sold out, con 1200 espositori confermati, tra cui le migliori aziende del made in Italy meccano-al...

  Le innovative applicazioni dei sistemi di trasporto B&R aprono nuovi mercati per i costruttori di macchine    B&R presenta quattro innovativi componenti per i propri sistemi di trasporto. Le recenti aggiunte al portafoglio ACOPOStrak, SuperTrak e ACOPOS 6D creano possibil...


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