Tecnica Molitoria is a monthly magazine in Italian language that first appeared in 1950, and now runs about 2.500 pages per year. Technical and scientific articles by Italian and foreign experts, translations, descriptions of machinery, economical and legislative news and current activities are reported.

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1178 - Hemp sourdough bread: when tradition turns into innovation
M. Montemurro - E. Pontonio - M. Verni - C.G. Rizzello

Lactic acid bacteria were isolated from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) flour before and after spontaneous fermentation. After identification and selection, Lactobacillus plantarum/s5, Pediococcus acidilactici/s5, and Leuconostoc mesenteroides/s1 were used as mixed starter to produce hemp sourdough. Experimental wheat breads were made adding 5 to 15 % (w/w) hemp sourdough to the formula, characterized, and compared to baker’s yeast wheat bread manufactured without hemp sourdough. The use of hemp sourdough improved the textural features, the protein digestibility and decreased significantly the predicted glycemic index, without adversely affecting the sensory profile. This work has demonstrated that the fermentation with selected starters improves the nutritional functionality of hemp flour, allowing its large-scale use in different food applications, meeting the consumers and producers request for novel fermented baked goods with a well-balanced nutritional profile.


1202 - 1918-2018: centenary of the pasta factory Benedetto Cavalieri in Maglie (LE)
A. Monte

One of the main protagonists of Italian production of cerealbased foods, which has been producing pasta in its historical location for over a hundred years and considered an excellence of made in Italy, is the pasta factory Benedetto Cavalieri located in the town of Maglie (Lecce, Italy). The founder Benedetto moved to Maglie to his paternal uncle where he began his business activity exporting wheat. In 1918 he inaugurated the Molino and Pastificio S. Giuseppe, by Benedetto Cavalieri. Benedetto died in 1968, leaving the pasta factory to the first son Andrea; after Andrea’s death (1975), the son Benedetto took over the pasta factory and currently runs it with his son Andrea. The business has been handed down for four generations and the pasta is produced using the “traditional” method. In 2001 with the shape “spaghettoni” and in 2002 with the “mad wheel”, he obtained two prestigious Oscars at the “Fancy Food Show” in New York, so much so that the magazine “Wine Spectator” chose the pasta “Benedetto Cavalieri” as the best Italian pasta “... for its excellent grain flavor and delightful chewiness”.




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Messe Düsseldorf, in agreement with its partners and committees, has set the dates of next Interpack, which  will take place from 4 to 10 May 2023 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre. Interested companies from the packaging sector and the associated processing industry will be able to register ...

Authenticity is a key part of the storytelling process in food and beverage development with 27% of those who want to know the stories behind their food and drink saying this is because the story makes a product more real and authentic. A new report from Innova Market Insights highlights the differ...

Par-baking contributes to the extension of the physico-chemical and microbiological shelf-life of bread. Moreover, it adds convenience as par-baked (PB) breads can be full-baked on demand, providing fresh bread at any time of the day.  In this study, different storage conditions of unfrozen PB...

  Continuous, secure, remote monitoring of machine data with B&R B&R enables machine builders to establish a continuous connection to plants and machinery in the field. With LogTunnel, data from machines all around the world can be archived in a central location. Any irregularities in...


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