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43 - Study of different drying methods for the preparation and preservation of cassava flour (Manihot esculenta crantz)
F. B. Morejón - M. I. García - U. B. Vinueza - A. Lucio-Quintana - D. Yánez

Cassava, is a shrub cultivated for its edible root, has a high carbohydrate content, is characterized by being resistant to drought, pests and diseases and it can be harvested at various times of the year. The experimental material used in this work was cassava flour and a completely randomized design was applied in a 2x3x3 factorial arrangement with 3 replications. The functional analysis was based on a 5% Tukey test on treatments comparison.
At the sensory evaluation of the characteristics of cassava flour, the attributes were evaluated; as they were odor, color, flavor and texture, when comparing the treatments, the tasters selected as the best to T2 (A1B2), which corresponds to 6 hours of drying at 65°C.
Physical chemical tests were performed on the finished product: pH, humidity, ash, starch, and the results of these analysis were within the allowed parameters, microbiological tests were carried out on molds and yeasts, the results of which were within the allowed limits.




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