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5 - Research

Quality attributes of gluten-free bread formulated with guar gum - Biological effect of magnetic field on the fermentation of wine - Inactivation of hepatitis A virus on berries by high-pressure processing - Can consumption of cricket powder impact gut microbiota? - The potential use of biocompatible silver nanoparticles in winemaking - Electrical resistance oven baking as a tool to study crumb structure formation in gluten-free bread - New active package for fresh orange juice - Comparing antioxidants levels in tomatoes of different color - Acceptability of alginate enriched bread and its effect on fat digestion in humans - The use of high pressure processing for extending the shelf-life of vacuum packed cold meats - Egg white protein film production for food packaging applications - Pulsed electric fields accelerate release of mannoproteins from Saccharomyces cerevisiae during aging of Chardonnay wine


16 - Food processing

Pasteurizing and cooling processes - Hammer mill - Automatic weighing system for powder ingredients - Vibrating sieves - Cereal and milling technology for food and beverage - Ploughshare mixers with extractable rotor shaft - As clean as you’ve ever seen - Stainless steel filters and pumps


24 - Meat processing

Focus on meat packaging - Affinity dicer - Automatic

pressing, stuffing and clipping machine - Packaging solution for meat and



30 - Confectionery & chocolate

Chocolate storage units - Custom equipment for bakery, pastry & pizza - Plants for chocolate and creams - Chocolate machines - Vertical nut roasters


36 - Beverage processing

Sugar dissolvers and UHT plants sterilizers - On-line beverage analysis


38 - Bottling

15 years at the ForeFront - Self-adapting closures chuck - Automated bottle washers - Filling machines - Integrated line from blowing to filling, closing and labelling


46 Labelling & coding

Labellers for pressure sensitive applications - Labelling machines


48 - Packaging equipment

Horizontal packaging in flow packs - Advanced technology to bottle purity - New sealing technology for packaging heat-sensitive products - About Gerhard Schubert - Clipping and twist-tying machines for closing bags


56 - Consumer trends

Successful dairy companies embrace the most powerful consumer trends - Sugar reduction and clean labelling significant in confectionery choices


60 Product trends

Bakery ingredients market: global opportunity and industry forecast - Provenance powers success at premium prices - Functional dairy products fortified with vitamins will thrive in APAC dairy & soy food sector - Plant powered performance: alternative proteins challenge dairy dominance


70 - Packaging trends

The green future of packaging - Aseptic packaging market to exceed USD 70 billion by 2024


74 - Nutrition

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of premature birth - How many calories do you burn? It depends on time of day - Salt could be a key factor in allergic immune reactions - Ideal protein to help seniors rebuild lost muscle - Protein released from fat after exercise improves glucose - A nutty solution for improving brain health


84 - News

Time of harvesting for the Sicilian green gold - Food and agriculture must play a vital part in reaching a sustainable future - International events in Italy - Cibus Tec 2019: more halls, more buyers, more sectors - Italy on the

top in food technology - Fi Europe & Ni


88 - Company index

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the real cost of owning and using a piece of equipment such as a computer or a production line during its cycle of activity, from the time of purchase to its disposal and includes all aspects related to ownership (hardware, software, maintenance, training, and te...

Invest in the energy efficiency of your company and make it more competitive on the market: by adopting innovative technologies for the production and use of energy you undertake a path that leads to cost reduction, improvement of processes and environmental compatibility. In a nutshell, efficiency ...

If hygiene and Food Safety on the processing or conveying line matters to you, you'll want to see the new Ammeraal Beltech solution for Food Industry: Soliflex PRO. Soliflex Pro, and its cousin the PRO mini (designed for smaller pulleys and transfers), are Homogeneous Positive Drive Belts that set ...

International coffee trade flows saw strong growth in 2018, driven by Brazil and Vietnam. The new Rabobank Coffee Map reveals five key themes shaping current and future coffee flows. While some trends are global, we also identify local trends that are taking place in markets large enough to eventual...


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