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Is coffee a useful source of caffeine pre-exercise? - Adding a blend of spices to a meal mey help lower inflammation - Dairy-rich diet linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure - A more balanced protein intake can reduce age-related muscle loss - Fortification of spaghetti and wheat bread with wheat bran protein concentrate - Compound in pickled capers could benefit the heart and brain - ARS Research shows higher carbohydrate and balanced fat intake can prevent certain diseases



Cooling spirals for pizza crust - NTE Process: let’s work together on the recipe for your success - Continuous movable, easyto-clean melter



Schubert Robotics creates the perfect packaging for functional drinks - Facts & figures - When the labeling system makes a difference: P.E. Labellers, leader in labeling for almost 50 years explains why - Natural and biological production that respects the environment



Cepi: bulk-handling systems for every food market since 1985 - Optical imaging technologies - A successful solution for Vacuum Skin Packaging



Effect of gelatin coating enriched with antioxidant tomato by-products on the quality of pork meat - A promising approach to increase the shelf life of pita bread - Effect of different frozen storage temperatures on beef quality - Effect spirulina incorporation on the properties of gluten- free fresh pasta - Sustainable starch-based barrier coatings for packaging applications - Functional, nutritional, antioxidant, sensory properties of faba bean seed protein hydrolysates and fortified apple juice - Penetration and microbial inactivation by high voltage atmospheric cold plasma - A novel fermented beverage from lentil grains - Efficacy of lactic acid and potassium sorbate against Listeria monocytogenes in chicken - Effect of olive pulp enrichment on wheat bread - Valorization of red grape pomace as functional food ingredient - Microbial inactivation by high voltage atmospheric cold plasma in semi-solid material - Is packaging affecting consumers’ preferences for meat products? - The use of selected hydrocolloids and salt substitutes on no salt wheat noodles - Rapeseed instead of soy burgers, a new source of protein for humans



Make it authentic: innovators adopt different tools to deliver on authenticity - Plant-based foods lead ethical purchase decisions



Poultry market in Europe - US market for single-use foodservice products - Plant power, clean labels and personalization drive segmentation of sports nutrition - The EU Market: a key trading partner for US tree nuts - Sugar market in Europe - Milk and dairy products in European Union



Transition towards aluminium shake up the capsules industry


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Expertise and data are the new currency in the field of service - Bioplastics successfully meet all EU safety standards - Value-added products from bread waste - Electrolysed water and ultrasound to improve the sanitation of knives - Food and Agribusiness in 2030, a roadmap - Sigep, an “expanded” version in 2021 - International events in Italy - Waiting for Tuttofood: food&beverage look ahead and continue to grow



  Bakery products are usually formulated with solid fats, like margarines and shortenings, which contain high levels of saturated and trans-fatty acids and have negative effects on human health. In a study carried out by Spanish Researchers, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and xanthan gum...

  Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) is consumed on a large scale around the world due to its appreciated sensorial characteristics. The industry of minimally processed pineapple produces enormous quantities of by-products (30-50%) which are generally undervalued. The end-of-life of pineapple by-pr...

  Lala, leader in Mexico for the production of high-quality dairy products, has become a large and global company, starting from small, but significant details that have been appreciated by many consumers. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other occasion, Lala’s mission has always been “Nur...

  Future-proof robot solutions for wide-ranging applications   Pick & place technology allows packaging processes to be automated extremely efficiently. This enables manufacturers to continue to produce cost-effectively even in light of current challenging market trends. To continuo...


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