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948 - A DNA-based method to detect bread wheat contamination in semolina and pasta
R. Ghizzoni - C. Morcia - A. Gianinetti - V. Avossa - S. Scaramagli - P. Carnevali - V. Terzi
Classical analytical approaches directed to the traceability of bread wheat contamination in semolina and pasta are based on the identification of specific proteins. However, these techniques have experienced several limitations. Consequently, DNA-based approaches have been developed. In this frame, CREA-GB lab has coordinated the validation of a realtime PCR assay for the identification and quantification of bread wheat contamination in semolina and pasta. The assay has been found useful in pasta production chain control.

956 - Digestibility and sensory characteristics of Carasau bread produced with liquid sourdough
P. Catzeddu - S. Fois - M. Sanna G. Falchi - F. Di Napoli - T. Roggio
Liquid sourdough technology has been applied to the production of Carasau bread, which is a flat crispy bread. Three types of bread were compared. The first one leavened with baker’s yeast, the second with liquid sourdough, and the last with both liquid sourdough and bakers’ yeast. A panel of trained judge, first created the sensory descriptors of the bread, and then carried out the sensory description. The effect of the leavening technology on the sensorial characteristics of the bread was reported. To define the nutritional properties of the bread, the in vitro digestion of starch was performed. Results highlighted that bread made with sourdough contains a lower amount of rapidly digestible starch, and a greater amount of slowly digestible starch and resistant starch, in respect to the bread made with baker’s yeast. Based on these results, the consumption of Carasau bread leavened with sourdough can have a positive effect on the glycaemic response, and can exerts a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora.




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