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INDUSTRIE ALIMENTARI Vol. 55 no. 572 - October




Wine and balsamic vinegars: olfactory
and chemesthetic attributes; sensory active substances
G. Corradini - F. Lemme P. Giudici

A sensory analysis of vinegars, and in particular the Traditional Balsamic vinegar (Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale = ABT), is a complex task because ABT is a very aggressive product on to the mucous membranes and, to date, a dictionary of descriptors and associated reference standards do not exist.
 In this paper, the relevant literature has been organized in a coherent way. The information 
has been grouped according to the following topics: i) sensory analysis of ABT with the existing procedures; ii) the formation of a vocabulary of vinegar descriptors; ii) an annotated list of the main molecules found in vinegars and deemed potentially active on a sensory level; iv) a list 
of standard references for the main olfactory descriptors of vinegars.



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